Wednesday, September 3, 2008

im peeing my pants

our landlord is fixing our toilet. which is a slight problem in itself. josh is off driving around with the cat somewhere, and im here at home trying to act normal but having serious bladder issues.

today was a semi rough day. i even cried in front of a professor. not something i enjoy. but he was mean. HOWEVER, i have 2 jobs now:

+one is being a Bio 100 TA (teaching assistant). This is for the teacher that was mean to me and said i wont be able to get into grad school etc etc etc. and i cried. but whatever, i need the job.
+the second is working in the herbarium at the bean museum. i will be pressing plants, making labels, filing plant species, taking pictures, and maybe some data entry. i love the teacher that im working for with this job.

both jobs are 10 hours a week each, so i'll make it to 20 hours a week. oh, and im also taking 17 credit hours. it will be a busy semester, but i can handle it.


Cambo said...

You work in the herbarium? Holy crap! We work in the same building again! I'm a secretary in the office in the Bean. Good times.

Liv said...

I like the name "bean museum." It sounds SUPER exciting! Like, I picture beans. Lima. Pinto. Mexican Jumping. String. etc.

I hope things settle down a bit for you soon!

yours truly said...

haha stop stalking me cam!!

and yeah, the bean museum is cool. really its just a bunch of dead animals everywhere, but the herbarium is cool cuz its like every kind of plant ever!