Saturday, June 21, 2008

this is my family

my husband is adorable.

i love my sister in law and her sweet sweet moves

loves it.

and....the newest addition to the family.....


we went to Petsmart today and adopted this adorable cat. we love him. and his name is Jay-Z. maybe someday we will get him a little beyonce to play with. ♥


Darci said...

Love it. And Josh is adorable. Presh. Can't wait for VEGAS!!!

Liv said...

Kitty! I would like a furry friend like that.

Congrats on the "baby."

Honeybee said...

Oh...that is just too funny. We have to get together this week. I have your wedding present sitting on my desk waiting for you to use it!

I am jealous about Jay-Z. He is so cute. He will be great company when the husband is out of town. Does that mean that you are going to be staying in your apartment in fall for sure? I really want a dog and Spencer says that he will get me one if we get married. He says that about a lot of things.

The Blairs said...

First, I hate you for the horrible video (not really)! Second, I love your kitty, especially his name. Purrfect....I couldn't resist :)