Thursday, April 24, 2008


soo, a couple weeks ago i got my bridals taken by duston todd, and now some of the pictures are up on his blog, so feel free to go check them out! he posted all the non-smiley ones, which i hear people arent as fond of, but yeah you can get an idea for them. :] once i get the proofs i can put all of them up in an album or something.

allllso, we got our new apartment!! the people moved out yesterday, so we went over last night and started cleaning it up. theres so much space, its awesome! we will definately be spoiled in that sense this spring/summer. our place in the fall wont be quite as large, but it will still be cozy. and awesome, of course, since we will be living there.

today is my last day at the office. to be honest im not going to miss it too much. i only get paid 7.45 an hour, and ive worked here almost two years. you'd think i would get a raise by now. oh well. i will miss some of the people. what ive learned is you really do need to be nice to everyone, even if you dont really care for them. dont get me wrong, i try to live by this anyways. but yesterday something surprising happened to me. of all people who could have given me a wedding present at work, the only one who did was a girl that i would normally describe as annoying. go figure.

so yeah, moral of the story: be nice to people because you never know who will give you a wedding present.

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