Tuesday, April 1, 2008

love and humiliation, my usual..

ok, so we went to ikea tonight. SO AMAZING!!! i totally understand your obsession now livia. i just want to go back and pick everything out and go crazy. ok not crazy, but you know what i mean. it was pretty awesome, and me and joshua got pretty excited planning to get stuff once we get married. we took off some stuff from our registry even, just because it would be better to get it there. like a bookcase, an end table, and a mirror. we want to get these 2 pieces of art too, one of a zebra thats really cool, and one of audrey hepburn. it was so much fun and now i love ikea.

oh, and now for my embarrassing story of the week:

so today i needed to run some errands, like drop clothes off at DI and turn in my recycling, so i borrowed joshuas car while he was at work. soo, i pull out of the parking lot, and im heading down the road. joshua has the chair pushed back farther than i like it, and i realized i should have already moved the chair forward while i was still parked. so i made the very dumb mistake of trying to move the seat forward while driving. my foot was partly on the brake because i was coming to a stop sign, so i figured everything would work well.


i pushed the lever, the seat flew forward, my foot went down on the brake, and my seatbelt pulled tight. sooo embarassing. basically the car jerked to a sudden halt, i jerked in my seat, and im kind of surprised i didnt get whiplash or something. i looked around, hoping no one would have seen this little incident. i do a quick glance and think im in the clear until i look to my left, and i see this girl with a surprised face who was starting to kind of laugh. you know that shocked laugh, when youre thinking oh my, did that really just happen? of all people, this had to be a girl i know. she was in my sign language class a year ago. talk about humiliation. i made a little face and got out of there as fast as i could.

i think i was still blushing about 10 ten minutes later..


Liv Taylor said...

I'm glad you got to go! I'll think of you while I'm there this weekend (maybe buying some lamps for a cute couple I know).

Darci said...

Oh girl, that is kind of embarrassing. I kind of wish I could have seen it...Oh man, IKEA. Seriously I want to go a lot this summer. So we will have to plan dates and go. Me, you, and cash. Oh wait...I don't really have any of that.

yours truly said...

haha tell me about it babe.

The Blairs said...

I've done much dumber things in a car. Don't feel bad, at least you didn't dent the hood trying to show off and be funny, or forget there is a cement parking thing in front of you and get high centered on it.