Monday, April 21, 2008


i need some advice people

so, for the summer, i have options. which is always good. except for when you have too many options and you dont know how any of them are going to turn out!!

option A: soil testing lab
i know i have this job available. the thing is its part time (20hrs/wk), and it pays like 8 or 8.50 or something. so if i did work here i would also need another job, like option C.

option B: hydrotech
this is the job i want. it starts at 12/hr, and it would be full time. my application had to be sent down to Albequerque to verify my qualification (its with the Forest Service). so i won't know about this job for another week to a week and a half-ish...

option C: line cook for NuSkin
i applied thinking it would be cool if i didnt get the hydrotech job. It pays 10/hr, and its right in Provo. they have called me twice asking for me to come in for an interview. i dont know what to do tho because i want to hear back about option B before i make my next move!

what on earth am i supposed to do!?!?! help!

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