Thursday, March 13, 2008

vitamin water really is full of calories and not vitamins...

top 10 reasons why BYU can be annoying:

10. you can be called on to say the opening prayer for class

9. tuition may be subsidized but books sure arent

8. campus is huge and it sucks to be on one side and have a class on the opposite side in 10 minutes (especially when its snowing or raining..)

7. you meet people named alma, ammon, nephi, noah, etc

6. the republican/democrat ratio is insane

5. people will blatantly ignore the existence of evolution

4. its impossible to be awarded an academic scholarship unless you truly are a genius

3. random people think its ok to talk to you, even though youve never seen them before in your life

2. dating and marriage are shoved down peoples throats so forcefully that i truly do believe it makes some people go crazy

1. byu doesnt recycle plastic
(im so predictable, right? who didnt know that would be #1 haha..)


Kimberly said...

#7 like your cousins
#4 you are a genius
#3 don't talk to strangers (your mother taught you that)
#2 i'm glad you're not crazy, we love josh
no # count your blessings

Honeybee said...

#2 is probably my #1. I am so sick of it! Not that I don't want to ever marry, but give me a second to find out who I am and what I want before you make me commit to someone for eternity! You are lucky that you finally found yours sooner than later. Your #1 makes me smile. I totally agree.