Sunday, March 16, 2008

videos from saturday

"Be Our Guest"--(all the other guys are dressed up as big napkin rolls with forks and knives sticking out)


Watch the seesaw in the middle...


watch the seesaw again, and that is a chair on a pole those guys are just holding up in the air!!


this is at the end, when all the princesses and their lovers come out and skate around. its kind of a ghetto video, but there are some cool lifts..


this is my favorite video. the only reason i was allowed to post it is because its such poor quality haha...



Kimberly said...

Sign him up!

Darci said...

Hahaha okay okay favorite thing is that Josh tried it again after I gave him a few pointers.

The Blairs said...

Nice footwork. Did Scott Hamilton teach you that?