Thursday, March 27, 2008


i dissected a bird today..

my birthday was wonderful. joshua got me perfume since i cant smell and i want some that he will like. it was perfect. so next time anyone hangs out with me, smell me and tell me how it is. haha. :] i got a lot of other lovely presents too this weekend. it was my bridal shower saturday and then my birthday sunday. so i was smothered in presents. that was pretty cool...

my current obsession is homemade stuff/crafts/vintage anything. i want a sewing machine, and then i could sew so much fun stuff all the time. there is a sewing class at school, but its 5 lab hours a week. i was like YIKES! so im not going to take it. i already know how to sew, but it would have been cool to have projects, and a sewing machine at school i could use. now i will just have to wait until im grown up and i have a real job so i can afford one. or i can just sew everything by hand... hmm... maybe this summer i will have time to be more creative. that would be fun!

tomorrow i get to leave for saint george and look at plants all weekend. im kind of excited, just because i havent been camping in forever, and i actually know a lot of plant families now. its exciting to know plants and be able to identify them. yes, i am becoming more and more of a plant nerd, thank you.

sooo i hope everyone enjoys their lovely weekends, because i will be in 70 degree weather frollicking around looking at flowers!


Liv Taylor said...

yea for plants!
i have two gardening books in my bag so i can occupy myself while at work. it's fun to be nerdy.
have a fun time in st. g.!

Honeybee said...

Have fun looking at plants. I like how you are turning into more of a plant nerd. They really are something that people should get nerdy about! :)