Wednesday, March 5, 2008

7-11 adventures

ok, so we go to 7-11 a lot. when youre a fatty and you get hungry for junk food all the time, it is the perfect haven. there is a 7-11 by my house, a 7-11 by joshuas house, and a 7-11 not too far from shannons house. we go almost every day, its sad really. we should just go to costco and get all the crap we eat in bulk, and then we would probably save quiiite a bit of money. anyways...

so last night me and joshua and shannon went to the 7-11 by joshuas house. weve been to that one a lot lately, since we mostly hang out at joshs place. there is this one big dude that works there every day. i think he might live there. he probably has a cot set up in the back. ew. so this guy is huge. reallllly tall, and kind of thick. and weird, and im pretty sure he is growing a mullet. so we wander the aisles, laugh a whole lot, pick out our fat of choice, and then get in line. shannon paid first, and decided to make a little joke since weve seen this guy almost every day for a while now. she said something to the effect of "wow you see us every day, we're like regulars now haha". and then he goes "you say that like its a bad thing!" ....lets just say this guy is naturally creepy. i mean he works at 7-11, thats like a qualifier to work there..

so, shannon got kinda creeped by this comment. it was like a code red situation. we got our stuff and booked it.

so yeah, we might wait a few days til we go back to that location...

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