Tuesday, January 22, 2008

outta control..

things are really coming together, wedding wise. i feel like theres a lot less to stress about now. i mean obviously i still have stuff to do, but at least we have a reception site haha. and i just gave laura and camille their bridesmaids dresses and they tried them on in my room and were twirling around. they were perfect. everythings gonna be spectacular! :]

i have a new roomate. shes cute. and tiny. but not asian.

and i have decided i need to start eating healthy again. i used to be a health freak, and always be healthy and eat organic and everything. now ive just let it all go. i just cram my mouth with junk food all day long. i think this little habit really kicked in over break, because it was christmas and everyone kept bringing over chocolates and fudge and cookies, etc over to our house. it was getting outta control. and i just gave into it, because over break everyone was working every day and i was just laying around the house and being all bored and lazy. therefore, instead of taking time to make a nice meal for myself, i would just eat junk. and more junk. and now im a sugar addict and im so unhealthy ive become lethargic.

i ate tuna tonight. its been a while. it was so delicious. and instead of drinking soda right now im drinking water. its a small step, but at least its in the right direction.

now im just kind of bored and i dont want to do any homework. and i want to cut my hair. everytime i get bored i get tempted to cut my hair. i think bangs are so cute, and i always have to remind myself that i thought bangs were too high maintenance for me when i used to have them. ive been trying to grow them out forever. maybe ill just trim some split ends...

..where are my scissors??


Kimberly said...

No bangs! Your are too beautiful to have hair hanging in your face. I hope the scissors hid. (Such a Mommy comment)

Juji said...

I would just like it noted on public record that I am the healthier eater!! I'm the one eating cheese, fish, chicken, and such. I am a witness to all the junk food. The end.

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

I too have found myself horribly unhealthy after the holidays. I wrote eating goals this week. So far so good, but it's hard!!

yours truly said...

first of all, no worries, i didnt cut my hair. second, thanks for kicking me while im down joshua. and third, maybe i should start making eating goals! i had an oriental salad for lunch today. thats probably the healthiest thing ive eaten for the past two weeks! yikes!

The Blairs said...

Josh??? Seriously??? You are as much of a healthy eater as I am. Cheese is good, but only in moderation, doesn't it clog arteries?

Gotta go, Sunny just colored with blue marker on the kitchen floor. I'm such a good mom :)