Thursday, December 6, 2007

bet you didnt know...

so one of my friends just did this, and now im going to copy him.. heres 7 things you dont know about me:

1. when i was a child i was allergic to grass. yes, grass. the green stuff that grows out of the ground. just imagine the implications of this. no rolling around in the grass, no sitting on the grass unless i had pants and shoes on and no part of my skin was touching the grass, no walking barefoot outside, etc. elementary school kind of sucked during recess when people would play stuff in the grass. like when everyone played quack-didilee-oh-so in third grade and if they were playing sitting in the field, i couldnt play. the jungle gym was my sanctuary.
2. i love kids. love them. and i want all of them to love me. so if a child doesnt like me, it hurts. ive been a youth counselor, a rec counselor, girls camp counselor obviously, nanny, and mentor. i love babysitting (unless they are complete out of control brats). however...i do not like babies.
3. i only pretend like i know how to cook. secrets out.. i can cook like 5 things, and thats it. everyone has this idea that im some amazing chef. i know how to make the basics people. ive worked in food places a lot, so i know how to cook on the grill, and how to make pizza. my skills only carry over so far...
4. ive never played a video game in my life until this semester. some people may know this, but most people find it shocking. my family is anti-video games, and its just me and my sister. so i never knew how to play, and never did.
5. i didnt shower today.
6. im one of those people everyone hates who walks around and texts simultaneously. what am i supposed to do--stop in the middle of the sidewalk, type it out, and then keep walking? i think that might look a little more stupid. plus, im usually headed to a class or work where i cant really text. my office is in the basement of the ASB, and theres poor service. and i have a couple classes that are also in basements where theres no service. so just consider me a good multi-tasker..
7. sometimes at work when im doing admissions, i read peoples college essays and laugh. im awful, i know. i once wrote an awful essay like that too of course....but its still funny.

usually i tell people i cant smell when theres games or whatever when you tell people stuff about you that they dont know. but i think by now most people know that. so if you didnt know i cant smell, now you do. the end.

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Cambo said...

I love reading the essays too. We get some funny ones up in International sometimes.