Sunday, November 4, 2007

weekend lovin

**apples to apples is a fun game...

**if you play with cool people... yikes!

**last night we went and saw regina spektor. she is so hot!!! seriously i just think shes really rad and i dont even care that people thought she was "rude" or anything. honestly, if people paid to come to a venue and listen to me sing, i would want them to all shut the *beep* up too. thats all i have to say about that.

**except: funny story. we were standing in the back in the venue, and theres this platform thing on the left side with some chairs and stuff. there was this couple standing up there making out through like the whole concert practically, and at one point they lost their balance and fell. i was not an eye witness but my friends were. it was a riot. i did see them going at it though. funny stuff..

**after the concert i went to my cousin julees house. its julee, her husband ryan, their baby jaxon, and their dog sam. they are so cute im wicked happy that we finally got to go. too bad i dont own a car so we could drive up more often!! [im thinking of hijacking my boyfriends sometime when hes distracted..] but the craaazy thing is... i do not like babies. im sorry if this makes me a horrible person. actually, im not sorry. but yeah i dont like babies, im not good with babies. i hold them for like 30 seconds and then they start crying and i cant make them stop and then i feel all flustered/frustrated. buttttt, the cool thing is i love jaxon!!!! i can hold him, feed him, whatever. he likes me. and hes a really calm baby, so that helps. plus we've bonded. we have the same birthday, we both have blue eyes, and the first time i ever saw him he threw up alllll over me. lovely story, right? thats what you call a lasting connection.

**last night me and rach were sleeping in their office on a mattress, and the door was closed since the baby was crying earlier, and i was practically asleep. then i hear the weirddddest sound and i was like what the heck?!? rachel started getting a little creeped out too. turns out it was sam sniffing under the door. he did it for quite a while too. i guess he gets anxious or something when doors in the house are closed. i cant wait to have my own house and my own dog. husband? kids? roomates? whatever. it really doesnt matter---i just want a house and a dog. i mean those other things could be nice at the proper time, im just being honest about what i really want. thats how i roll.

**ew i have church at 830am. it makes me want to puke. i need to go to bed now. at least we have the time change. hallelujah. peace.


The Blairs said...

You are going to love little Lila, and if you don't, you better pretend you do!!!!!!! Same goes for you Joshua!(You know how Josh has that, "Kids are so annoying thing." (Even though it is totally true. I'm sure I can even get her to puke on you guys, heck, Sunny can still do that for ya.

yours truly said...

im sure i will like her. you know i love sunny and jackson! and yeah...i dont know how well the whole puking thing will go over... haha