Thursday, November 15, 2007

nerd alert

ok so i know everyone is just going to think im an even bigger dork (than you all already do) for posting religious artwork on my blog, but i love love lovvvve this picture. we talked about it today in art history, and i had never seen this painting before, and i was just sitting in class silently geeking out.

and then the teacher was like "yeah so what do you guys think about this?" after she put the slide up. a girl sitting the row in front of me was like "i cant even stand to look at this painting. its just so ugly." i wanted to reach forward and slap her. since i sit so close to her anyways i always overhear parts of her conversations, and she is so annoying. and sometimes, quite the idiot. so yes, this wanting to slap her feeling is a reccuring emotion, but this time i felt like it was more deserved. anyways... so yeah i love this painting. its The Last Supper, by Emile Nolde. Right after she put it up i made up my mind that when someday i grow up and get my own house and whatnot, i am having a print of this in my home. i think its so much more personal than da vinci's last supper. i mean sure leonardo had great style and technique and its wicked famous, but this is much more intimate, and shows a more personal side of Christ in my opinion.

anyways, theres my personal stance on this artwork and now everyone is like wowwww jess is such a dork. ::shun::

all i have to say is try to appreciate it, and dont shun me.

and now since i am going crazy/losing my mind, and im incredibly stressed out, i might just go to bed early. what a concept..!

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Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

This is what I have to say about art. It is AMAZING. I've never been too educated in the arts, but then when we went to the Louvre last year my mind was opened! The not famous stuff is so much cooler than the famous stuff. Good find Jess, no shunning here.