Thursday, November 29, 2007

current annoyances..

1. i love abstract art. love it. i hate people in my art class who dont understand it, or cant even appreciate it. im sick of hearing "that looks like a 5 year old could have painted it." a 5 year old didnt paint it, so get over it and try to think about it.
2. getting too many nuggs from wendys and then feeling sick (and probably smelling up the office like wendys without even knowing it)
3. substitute teachers who cant take control. i went to rock canyon elementary today to mentor, and one of the classes had a sub and the kids were out of control and she just sat there all timid, looking scared. get a grip woman.
4. when all the ice in your soda melts.
5. having someone steal your stapler. i feel like im in that movie office space or something. i should walk around muttering "my stapler...they have my stapler..."
6. being at work and having it be about 200 degrees. luckily i found a fan, but im still hot.
7. byu's website. it changes all the time and its just getting more screwed up and complicated each time.
8. final exams. theyre coming up, and i dont feel prepared at all. have i learned anything this semester? i cant even remember...


Liv Taylor said...

oh my gosh i totally hate byu's website too!! when i was trying to find info for sophia i had to give up.

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

I hate it when my ice melts so much, that I ask for no ice now. The drink is still cold from being in the machine, and you get WAY more that way. Except for at Costa Vida, because they have celestial ice there.

Amen to the BYU website!! they change it WAY too much!

yours truly said...

i lovvvvvvvve costa vida ice. i could just get a cup of ice and be happy all day.