Saturday, November 24, 2007

bah humbug..provo already?

back in utah already. we had a wonderful vacation though. it was much needed too. if you had seen me last week i looked like a crazy person because i was so stressed out and all my hair was falling out and i even cried a couple times. embarassing... anyways. now i still might look a little crazy, but refreshed.

anyways, maine was awesome. wednesday we arrived at 11am, went and saw my dads work, stopped at panera to see my friend denise, and then went home and hung out. we played with all the animals, watched antm, etc. we went to bed early-ish because we were exhausted and didnt have any sleep since like 7am the day before. thursday was thanksgiving!!! the meal was excellent. my mother is a gooood cook. my friend denise came over for dinner. we played games. i beat joshua at phase 10. booya. thursday night we went to LLBean. Thats where all the fish pictures came from. llbean is a fun place. friday we went and saw my friend ryan, we ran errands, saw my friends the quinns, rode around our property on the go-cart, etc. we went to our friends the woodsides to play games. i didnt win anything. joshua schooled little girls at mario kart (who were ten years younger than him....yeah...)

oh, and in the course of our vacation two people asked if we were twins. and everyone else just thought we were related. go figure.

today we went to bug light, springpoint, and portland headlight. it was fun. frigid outside...but fun! heres some pictures:

springpoint lighthouse

portland headlight. the most photographed lighthouse in america.

at portland headlight. theres more pictures on facebook.

basically, we had a great time. and everyone should come to maine. thats about it.

oh, life lesson of the day: if you drop raisenettes on the ground and then start shrieking "they're gonna eat them like poop!!" dont expect to get any help. hahahaa


Juji said...

Okay everyone, an explanation of the raisonette comment: Earlier, I caught one of the dogs eating the alpaca poop. When Jess and I were inside later on with the dogs, I spilled my raisonettes and started shrieking "they're gonna eat them like poop, they're gonna eat them like poop" b/c that's what they looked like. The dogs started to try and eat them and jess was too busy laughing at me to help pick them up. Luckily they didn't really get to them so all was well. But it was funny

Darci said...

Yay you guys are home! I am really really really excited. You have no idea.

Carterfam said...

Cool story Hansel!

The Blairs said...

Hey, I was just wondering if you guys are twins or possibly related or something?